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PEM® Clinch Fasteners
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Drill & Tool
Blind Rivets
Cable Ties
Electronic Hardware
Adjustable Handles, Knobs, Plungers, Latches
EAS Latches, Hinges, Handles & 1/4-Turn
Heat Shrink Tubing
Labels and Printers
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Military Hardware
Nylon Fasteners
PC Board Hardware
Power Cords & Receptacles
Slides, Ball Bearing
Spacers and Standoffs
Spray Products
Strain Relief Bushings, Hole Plugs, Cordgrips
Weld Fasteners
Wire Management
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AFI is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, founded in December 1984, with the goal of providing superior products and services to our customers on a global basis. The Florida location for AFI is the only branch currently registered. We adopted the tag line, “Providing the World with Assembly Solutions", to reflect more clearly the type of products offered to the industry.

We were originally founded in 1984 as Tropic Fasteners, Inc. The company was changed to Assembly Fasteners, Inc. (AFI) to promote the global presence for our product offerings. Tropic Fasteners, LLC was created as a Women Owned Company to maintain the heritage and name recognition providing products to the industries requiring diversity spend.

Each distribution center operates independently, while following corporate policies and procedures. This independence allows for timely responses to customer needs. We are able to offer application specific solutions; promote innovative ideas while enabling critical decisions to be made at the local level. Over the years, our dedication and commitment to our customers, has enabled us to expand into global markets from our multiple distribution centers.

AFI has specialized in developing Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs. We are known for leading the industry in innovative programs which result in cost reductions. Our programs are truly VMI programs - not customer managed programs. Many companies talk about commitment, but at AFI, we truly put commitment into practice by giving you the highest quality products, engineering capabilities and value-added services at the lowest cost of ownership.

AFI maintains a highly trained and knowledgeable staff with over a century of experience. We remain dedicated to providing defect-free products and services that meet our commitments to our customer. We are customer-driven in our product offerings and service with an emphasis on providing unquestionable customer service. AFI is committed to our goal of "Excellence through Quality".

AFI is holding your world together!

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