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Custom Managed, Quality Service, Worldwide Delivery

With industry-leading programs, a highly trained staff, and premium products, the AFI team believes in providing the highest level of service. This extends to our specially developed inventory management programs.

AFI is already known for our innovative VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) Program — our Customer Managed Inventory (CMI) system delivers just as handily with efficient, detailed, cost savings, and convenient operation.

What is CMI?

A custom-controlled, automated in-house management system, AFI’s CMI program offers an easy and convenient way to replenish parts inventories. Customers control data and information input with our A-FOB scanning tool, then upload product flow, stock information, and on-hand inventory details to our web-integrated system.

How can CMI Benefit You?

By eliminating the hassle of paper-based transactions, purchase orders, and records, the CMI system provides more detailed inventory reporting with less confusion — and greater ease of use. Contract pricing and when a drop in order is needed you can manually over ride the min/max quantity.

Access to straightforward, accurate inventory information allows clients of all sizes to save significant money by reducing overhead, stocking only the exact inventory needed to maintain efficient operations.

The web-based service provides constant communication between customer and supplier, and its simple, direct operation results in shorter delivery times, streamlined productivity, and significantly reduced opportunities for stockouts.

The CMI Process

AFI provides inventory management support by identifying, labeling, and establishing both minimum and maximum supply ranges for every item in your inventory. Our team will then develop recommended replenish levels for optimal operations.

Each CMI customer is provided an A-FOB unit to scan the barcodes of products; which allows you to Simply scan on the production floor and upload to the web interface — the AFI team will receive a direct inventory list for shipping and processing.

Working with AFI

Founded in December of 1984, AFI works to provide superior products and services to customers around the world. Supporting top-of-the-line fasteners, latches, electronic component hardware, and motion and access hardware with a genuine dedication to customer service, AFI’s innovation continues to lead the industry year after year.

For over 30 years, our experienced team has worked to do whatever it takes to hold your world together. To learn more about our specialty products and inventory management solutions, contact our knowledgeable staff today.