Handles, Knobs, Plungers and Latches

Available for All Industries

The Assembly Fasteners Inc. (AFI) team specializes in more than just fasteners — our extensive inventory features adjustable knob, plunger, latch, and handle hardware to enhance the mechanical performance and design of a variety of projects.

Adjustable Handles

User-friendly and ergonomically shaped, adjustable handles are the ideal solution to situations that demand more torque than standard knobs. Easily customizable, this hardware can be adjusted to a wide variety of applications, including heavy duty projects and situations with tight spaces.


Ball, star, quick fastening, and knurled knobs are just the beginning of AFI’s selection of grip solutions. We stock custom knobs in a full range of shapes, sizes, and materials to operate latching, locking, and grip mechanisms, each of which enhances precise operation.


When mechanical parts need to be held, latched, or aligned, plunger components provide the solution. By utilizing spring pressure, plungers remain nested between components to hold a desired relative position. AFI’s selection features components with specialty performance benefits such as cam action, lockouts, and more.


These mechanical fasteners join surfaces together with a two-part hardware design, with a keeper or strike component mounted on one work surface and the latch on another. Some offer locking or recessed design features, with designs in both specialty plastics and metals.

AFI Trusted Brands

The AFI Team is proud to partner with top of the line providers of handles, knobs, plungers, and latches, including:

  • Kipp: With constantly-evolving, in-house development in clamping tools, standard components, and operating parts, Kipp sets industry standards with state-of-the-art manufacturing and maximum performance in every product they manufacture.

Handles, Knobs, and More at AFI

As fastener specialists with over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves on providing superior solutions with world-wide delivery. Top suppliers, innovative Vendor Managed Inventory Programs, and a dedication to customer service help us to hold your world together.

With over a century of combined experience, our AFI team is highly trained and ready to handle even your most challenging project specifications. Contact us today to find the perfect handle, knob, or latch for your needs.