AFI Announces New Tennessee Warehouse Opening

Posted by Hugh Watson | January 5, 2017 0 Comments

AFI is thrilled to announce that we will be opening a new warehouse in Tennessee at the start of the new year. This exciting expansion is taking place in a booming location; manufacturing accounts for 15% of the state’s total output and makes up 11.4% of its workforce.

Among the many thriving U.S. manufacturing operations based in Tennessee are Energy, HVAC, Robotics, Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Medical, and Automotive – the latter of which encompasses nearly 1,000 parts suppliers and three major assembly plants including Nissan’s North American headquarters.

Having spent decades providing small metal stamped components for complex assemblies, AFI is familiar with the diverse needs of these industries, and our team looks forward to joining forces the many skilled manufacturers in the area to continue driving these sectors forward.

Our Tennessee fastener line will be comprised of several respected brands including:

  • PEM® Self-Clinching Fasteners — These fasteners, designed by PennEngineering, utilize a variety of surface mount technologies to fasten sheet metal too thin to be punched.
  • POP-Avdel Rivets — POP and Avdel, two rivet brands made by Stanley Engineered Fastening, specialize in blind riveting systems, in which access to only one side of a workpiece is required for installation.
  • Heli-Coil Inserts — Another highly innovative Stanley product, these independent screw thread coils can be inserted into any unthreaded hole to act as the receptive screw thread.
  • Gripco Weld Nuts — Available in a variety of shapes, these nuts are designed to be easily welded to sheet metal surfaces.

AFI is proud to announce the opening of our new Tennessee warehouse, which will not only help us better serve our customers but will also allow us to contribute to Tennessee’s thriving manufacturing industry.

To learn more about the high-quality fastener brands we carry, visit our website today.

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