Benefits and Common Uses: Coil Machines and Lockers

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As industrial and manufacturing companies continually strive to become more efficient and boost their bottom lines in today’s increasingly competitive landscape, the use of industrial vending machines has been experiencing substantial growth.

Vending machines come in several different forms, such as coiled types, carousels, and lockers. Each type offers unique benefits and features for various applications and workspaces.

Coil vending machines, in particular, allow inventory to be stacked front to back, and provide solid storage density, but they’re not ideal for larger parts. Locker vending machines, on the other hand, provide more room for inventory but at a lower density.

Below are some of the key benefits of industrial vending machines.

The Benefits of Industrial Vending Machines
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    Using industrial vending machines, distributors receive real-time data through software integration, allowing products to be automatically reordered when needed.

  2. That eliminates the need for distributors to physically visit a job site in order to check bins and see what needs to be replenished.

    Other advantages include competitive pricing, the ability to capture more business, and increased customer “stickiness.”

  3. Since items are on hand as needed, your company is positioned as a reliable, speedy source for clients needing immediate help.

  4. Companies can reduce consumption by as much as 20% while ensuring around-the-clock, secure access to resources without hiring additional staff. Vending machines allow distributors to save time through point-of-use dispensing and streamlined purchasing capabilities.

  5. These benefits also allow for reduced waste. Plus, detailed reporting of part use and spending can help inform budgets and planning; this information may also be valuable for sales training.

    Coil machines offer automated reporting that can be customized to clients’ specific needs.

  6. Supplier and billing consolidation and a web-based interface are also available to monitor inventory status and usage trends. In addition to housing larger items, locker machines provide check-in and checkout functions, as well as secure call delivery.

    Perhaps most importantly, vending machines can allow for significant cost savings. Specific controls can be established so workers only have access to the exact products — and the minimum amount — needed for a job.

  7. This helps companies achieve that previously mentioned 20% reduction in consumption. Productivity is also enhanced, as products are immediately available when workers need them. Companies pay only for dispensed items, and the machine’s inventory is managed remotely.

  8. And through automated ordering, when stock runs low, a replenishment alert is triggered immediately —  eliminating the need for purchase orders, stockouts, or costly rush orders.

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