Fasteners Found in Christmas Toys

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When it comes to holiday presents, not everything is as it seems. Popular and seemingly simply toys and gifts often demand the most in-depth planning processes and precise, careful attention to detail. Here is a detailed behind-the-scenes look at the complex fabrication processes of some of the season’s most popular gifts.

strength, strong, toyOne of the greatest challenges faced by toy manufacturers today is employing an efficient cost versus assembly method. Toys, which are typically less costly products to create, demand assembly that is efficient yet requires little in the way of costs and labor so as to avoid increasing the price of the end product. If a product is inexpensive and simple, so should its assembly process be.

Fasteners in Toys…

In order to carry out an efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process, most toy manufacturers will utilize screws, which offer a range of benefits.

First and foremost, screws provide a simple and quick disassembly process, in the event that a toy has been produced with a defect or mistake. Other joining methods, such as plastic welding and adhesives, offer a much more difficult disassembly process and, as such, are less desirable equipment to work with.

Additionally, screw fasteners can allow for or enhance the utilization of automated equipment during the assembly process, and offer a more robust design.

Self-tapping screws, such as Plastite thread form screws, typically are the most popular choice among toy manufacturers. Unsurprisingly, toys that feature moving components, whether mechanically or electrically generated, tend to rely on screws more than any other type of toy. As the intricacy of a design increases, so does the application of screws.

The ease and efficiency offered by screws makes their application ideal for a wide range of applications and toys. Screw drive types such as TA and TP3 are commonly employed in the fabrication of children’s toys found in fast food meals, and tri-point types are used in video game system consoles, such as Nintendo GameCube, and accessories.

 …and in Toy Packaging

Not only does the production of toys themselves depend on screws, but toy packaging also requires the use of fasteners.

A recent Rochester Institute of Technology survey employed 1-on-1 interviews with 28 participants, each of whom were surveyed about their preferences in regard to different types of packaging. This study showed that the key-lock method of packing was the most preferred option, with participants noting that its simplicity and ease of use were ideal for product packaging.

The second most preferred option was the wire-tie method, also revered for its simplicity, and was followed by the paper-string method, which placed third.  Clearly, both producers and consumers desire ease of use and efficiency, which often come hand-in-hand.

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