New Strategic Partnership with Prominent Chinese Manufacturer

Posted by Hugh Watson | December 7, 2015 0 Comments

Assembly Fasteners Inc. (AFI) is a global producer and distributor of industrial components and value-added manufacturing services. With over 30 years of experience and an enormous product line, AFI is committed to providing customers “Quality through Excellence.” Now, AFI is proud to announce the October launch of a strategic partnership with a prominent Asian manufacturer.

What does this mean for AFI?

Download Handshake - Business deal concept Free PhotoThe partnership will foster many competitive advantages for AFI. In addition to reinforcing a growing international presence, this new partnership will enhance AFI’s vast product line of cost-effective solutions.

The manufacturer operates out of a state-of-the-art facility in China and its production specialties will add to AFI’s robust offering of industrial fasteners and components.

Having access to a large international manufacturer will translate to better-stocked inventory, on-time delivery, and reduced product shortages or emergency orders.

AFI is already known for its innovative, specialized vendor managed inventory (VMI) programs and the enhanced international presence will lend itself to broader VMI capabilities in the global market.

What does this mean for AFI’s customers?

This new partnership will enable AFI to better serve its customer base as well. The addition of the partner’s manufacturing capabilities means customers will have more products to choose from, as well as better international access to new product offerings. Amply stocked inventory and a wider global reach will enhance AFI’s distribution capabilities and VMI services for customers.

With this new business development, AFI remains committed to providing customers unrivaled service. Account Development and Marketing Manager Bridget Kirkpatrick said, “We’re always working on creating a stronger stocking inventory and VMI program for our customers, and better international access to brand new products is great for everyone in the industry.”

For decades, AFI has offered a comprehensive product line, customized VMI solutions and unparalleled customer service. The new partnership is another step in AFI’s continually expanding offering and commitment to customer success. To learn more about this exciting business development, we invite you to read the full press release.

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