Partnership Perks: AFI Kitting Services

Posted by Hugh Watson | May 24, 2018 1 Comment

Since December 1984, AFI has provided high quality, cost effective fastening solutions. Those years of experience have taught our team not only about specific components and their strengths, but also how to optimize complete fastening systems and kits of parts.

Kitting parts can both simplify work processes and boost profits. With a long history of dedicated customer service and a deep inventory of parts at our disposal, kitting brings our staff’s expertise and efficiency together to create detailed, cost-effective custom kits to meet your operation’s precise needs.

Kitting Parts: Why Pre-Package Your Components?

IMG_4384A single kit of parts can consolidate dozens of purchase orders, unique inventory items, and all of the management time that goes with it: your custom component kit streamlines operations from the beginning. Every step of the parts management process can benefit from kitting:

  • Purchasing is simplified when a list of unique items suddenly becomes a single line item, on a single order, with a single supplier.
  • Material Management benefits from fewer SKUs and fewer unique inventory items. The ease of ordering and simplified part use reduces inventory cycle times, and bundling makes for better component pricing, too.
  • Manufacturing teams benefit from quicker, more efficient processing, an increase in floor and storage space, and minimized component alterations — each part of the kit is going to fit.
  • High Quality is always a part of AFI’s mission, but kitting parts guarantees an even higher performance level: kits of parts eliminate the need for additional inspection and reduce keying errors, all at a lower cost.
  • Accounting departments will, of course, be happy to see increased cash flow, but kitted parts also help them to reduce the volume of billing invoices and numbers of transactions to manage.

The Advantages of Pre-Assembled Packs: Fastener Kits and Their Perks

Saving time, saving money, and streamlining work – fastener kits from AFI just make sense. Backed by industry-leading inventory management programs, our custom kitting services are just one more step in supporting your day-to-day work.

Fastener kits from AFI benefit from access to a deep inventory: nuts, bolts, rivets, washers, inserts, screws, and many more are all available in a full range of sizes, styles, and materials. In addition:  

  • Kitted parts keep things simple. One part number, one invoice, and one set of packaging means reduced waste, time savings, and easier stock management on the shelf.
  • Kits improve performance. Our kits are crafted to your specific needs, meaning that every part is pre-approved for fit, quality, and performance. From production to application, performance is streamlined with a single assembly location, a single storage point, and a single bundle of parts for final use. There’s no room for error, and no parts are wasted.
  • Pre-assembled parts are packed for better pricing. All the superior quality of a kit of parts carries an additional bonus: cost savings. Necessary components are pre-ordered, pre-stocked, and pre-assembled to meet production needs, reducing acquisition costs, room for error, and turnaround time.

Custom Kits and Pre-Packaged Parts from AFI

At AFI, our goal has always been to offer the highest level of service. Our VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) and CMI (Customer Managed Inventory) Programs are the best in the business, and our kits of parts are designed to simplify your work with the same handy, efficient, and cost-effective convenience.

The AFI Team boasts an in-house kitting machine for superior accuracy and high production volume, as well as a highly trained staff for custom designing or hand-packing kits. Custom label printing and packaging create a polished finish for your parts, and every pack is supported by our dedicated customer service.

To learn more about developing a custom kit of parts with AFI, reach out to one of our fastening technology specialists or request a quote today.

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