US to Metric Conversion Table

Posted by Hugh Watson | October 28, 2015 0 Comments

As is often the case with specialized tools and products, fasteners are available in specific sizes to meet particular project needs. Due to the wide range of applications our fasteners accommodate, our team has assembled collections including parts sized for both U.S. and Metric measurement systems.

For your next project, be aware of both the size of your components and what system they’re measured to fit.

What’s the difference between U.S. and Metric fastener measurements?
The metric system provides the basis for The International System of Units, the official system of measurement used in the majority of the world’s countries. It was created in 1799, and has since helped unify length, weight, and capacity across languages and cultures, including those of fasteners and other industrial products.

Metric conversions are made by factors of ten, making it a simple system to track with decimals, and an easy way to measure fastener solutions with centimeters, millimeters, and so on.

Like many American products, however, the metric system is not a universal standard for fasteners — many are also measured with inches in the U.S. English System, which can be noted in both fractions and decimals.

Choosing the right fastener
Upon searching for parts online with Assembly Fasteners, customers will find them grouped by measurement systems. However, we also keep convenient conversion charts for your reference in the event that a particular necessary part is sized in the opposite system.

It is also important to remember that U.S. measurements can often be displayed in both fractions and decimals — and the decimal measurement of a fastener is different from its metric size. Both measures can appear similar, so be aware! That's why we created this handy US to Metric Fastener Conversion Chart! Get it today!

Download US to Metric  Conversion Chart

The Assembly Fasteners team provides superior products and services globally, as well as a wide array of fasteners across metric and U.S. measurements. It has always been our goal to get customers exactly what they need, regardless of location. If you have additional sizing requirements, let us know!