Introducing AVIS

Posted by Hugh Watson | January 19, 2016 0 Comments

Assembly Fasteners Inc. (AFI) has over 30 years of experience and customer satisfaction with our VMI software solutions. Now, AFI is proud to introduce the latest addition to its VMI offering, a smart, weight-based inventory system called AVIS – Assembly Virtual Inventory System.

afi_vmi.jpgAVIS’ Smart Bin technology eliminates the risk of guesswork and human error within the supply chain. With AVIS, there’s no longer a need to make cycle counting rounds, keep extra safety stock, or place emergency orders. Here’s how it works:
  • Once a stocker places parts in a bin, the Smart Bins use patented Plug & Sense™ technology to automatically calculate the part quantity based on weight.
  • The AVIS proprietary cloud computing system manages inventory remotely by counting how many more parts are needed to fill the remainder of the Smart Bin.
  • The cloud detects when stock is getting low and automatically generates an email or SMS alert to the ERP system for a replenishment order.

It’s as simple as that. The Smart Bins monitor inventory 24/7, ensuring that you never run out of stock. In addition to the Smart Bins and cloud computing software, the AVIS system includes a handheld tracking device that begins receiving live inventory updates the moment you connect, either wirelessly or through direct USB.

The AVIS program is a complete hardware and software solution to your inventory management needs. AFI is proud to offer AVIS through onsite PC software installations as well as web-based hosted solutions to meet your security needs. With decades of experience in VMI software and a diverse product line, we are able to customize AVIS to fit within your existing ERP network.

AFI is one of the nation’s top VMI servicers, with a robust offering of VMI solutions, including KanBan, JIT, Two Bin, Min/Max, AFob, Remote Fill and Bill with Bag-N-Tag, and now the revolutionary AVIS system. AFI provides premiere technology and performance, as well as unparalleled customer service and satisfaction.

To learn more about AFI’s customizable VMI solutions and our smart approach to managing inventory management, please contact us today.

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