BumpOns at afi

Available for All Industries

Understated yet essential, the bumpons provides critical protection to frames, doors, cutting boards, appliances, electronics, and countless other types of equipment. Assembly Fasteners Inc. (AFI) is proud to partner with Bumper Specialties and 3M to provide over 60 distinct bumpon varieties designed to suit any project.


Small rubber pads, typically crafted from polyurethane or other plastic or rubber compounds, bumpons act as protective padding, support, dividers, anti-slip absorbers, vibration dampers, and more.

Most bumpons are extremely easy to install and long-lasting, with high quality and durability that extends the life of furniture, electronics, equipment, and more.

AFI Trusted Brands

At AFI, we proudly offer bumpons from two of the world’s best manufacturers, each known for their durability and top performance. These include:

  • 3M: Used worldwide by a variety of manufacturers — electronics, appliances, automotive, cabinetry, and more — 3M’s signature polyurethane bumpon products are known for their outstanding adhesives and long-lasting performance. No matter your need, 3M offers colors, shapes, and sizes to fit.
  • Bumper Specialties: AFI offers over 50 of Bumper Specialties, Inc.’s American-made, high-quality, precision-cut bumpers. Industry specialists since 1989, Bumper Specialties offers conical, square, recessed, cylindrical, hemispherical, and special soft bumpers in a host of colors and sizes.

Bumpons and More at AFI

AFI is committed to providing top of the line bumpons and specialty fastener solutions to the global marketplace. With over 30 years of dedicated customer service, innovative programs, and quality products, our team has earned a reputation for doing whatever it takes to hold your world together.

Bumpons are just one part of the AFI catalogue, all of which is available with our Vendor Managed Inventory Program. For more information on this program, worldwide delivery, or custom bump on products, contact the knowledgeable AFI staff today.