Electronic Hardware AT AFI

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To successfully power today’s technology, electronic hardware demands high-performance, specialty fasteners. Assembly Fasteners, Inc. (AFI) stocks clips, terminals, test points, coin cell holders, contacts, retainer covers and more to fit any electronic project.

Electronic Hardware

The delicate, interconnected workings of electronics and data processing circuitry demand a family of specially developed components for high-level performance. The individual chips, circuits, and power sources in an electronic system must be mounted, secured, and assembled with particular fasteners and hardware solutions.

AFI Trusted Brand: Keystone Electronics Corporation

Precision electronic interconnect components and hardware have been Keystone’s specialty for over 60 years. Their products are engineered specifically with an eye to OEM designers and engineers, supporting the creation and development of the state of the art instruments and systems of the future.

AFI Trusted Brand: RAF Electronic Hardware

After joining with MW Industries, Inc. in 2008, RAF became the leading U.S. supplier of electronic hardware and components, serving a wide range of industries with a vast catalogue. A full-service manufacturer with quick turnaround, RAF equips computing, telecommunications, medical, entertainment, aerospace, and military projects, just to start.

AFI Trusted Brand: Lyn-Tron, Inc.

Since 1956, this terminal manufacturer has continually developed unique, high-quality connector hardware to meet specialty industry needs in the United States. Lyn-Tron has become synonymous with high quality in the electronics industry.

Electronic Hardware and More at AFI

From finely detailed electronic fasteners to heavy duty industrial solutions, AFI has offered premium fastener solutions to the global marketplace for over 30 years. The team is committed to delivering top of the line products, dedicated customer service, and innovative offerings, such as our Vendor Managed Inventory Program.

With over a century of collective experience, our team is ready to answer any questions you may have about electronic hardware and specialty fasteners. Contact us today — we will do what it takes to hold your world together.