Inch And Metric Fasteners at afi

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Inch and metric fasteners fall into a broad category of hardware components that are used to mechanically secure two or more parts together. At AFI, we proudly offer thousands of variations of bolts, screws, rods, rivets, socket plugs, keys, and more to provide our customers with the perfect assembly fastener solution to hold their application together.

Inch Fasteners

Most popular in the United States and Canada, inch fasteners follow a naming convention that lists diameter, number of threads per inch, and length in terms of inches. Ironically, these fasteners are generally expressed as whole numbers for smaller sizes and as fractions for larger sizes.

Metric Fasteners

Metric bolts and screws represent diameter and thread pitch or length in millimeters, often followed by abbreviated letters to indicate the fastener’s material. Unlike inch fasteners, which express screw thread reciprocally, large numbers in metric fasteners indicate a coarser thread.

Inch and Metric Fasteners and More at AFI

For over 30 years, AFI has been committed to providing our customers with industry-leading assembly products and services to hold their world together, including our broad offering of inch and metric fasteners. We will proudly help our customers find the exact assembly solution to suit their specific application.

In addition to our vast fastener offerings, we specialize in global Customer and Vendor Managed Inventory Programs. Our experienced team provides the highest quality selection and delivery services to ensure our customers get the exact components they need, when they need them, at the right price.

For more information about our custom programs or inch and metric fasteners, contact the AFI team today.