Self-Clinching Fasteners at afi

The Perfect Parts

In projects and panels demanding an easy, reliable, permanent threading solution, self-clinching fasteners can offer the perfect fit. Designed for work with ductile metals and materials, AFI stocks thousands of these specialty fasteners for applications of all shapes and sizes.

Self-Clinching Fasteners

Self-clinching fasteners are specially designed, low profile fastening components specifically for ductile and very thin materials. When these fasteners are pressed into a hole in an existing sheet, they cold flow the host material. It fills recesses in the fastener, molding the component permanently into the original sheet, chassis, bracket, or panel.

Because of their design, these fasteners provide high pushout and torque resistance, all while leaving the reverse side of the host material flush. They require no retapping, making them ideal components for time and cost saving in assembly.

AFI Trusted Brand

At AFI, we source our inventory from the best in the industry, and that includes our partners at PennEngineering. The inventors and exclusive manufacturers of PEM self-clinching fasteners, we go straight to the source to procure the best quality and variety.

These self-clinching fasteners have redefined industry over the past 70 years. Due to their creation, engineers could utilize threaded fastening in sheet metal too thin to be tapped, broadly expanding the possibilities for thin, precision metal design.

PennEngineering has been crafting custom fastening solutions since 1942, serving worldwide industries from data, telecom, electronics, and computing to medical, marine, automotive, aerospace, and more.

Self-Clinching Fasteners and More at AFI

The AFI Team has proudly provided the world’s best fasteners for over 30 years, including a full range of specialty solutions such as PennEngineering’s self-clinching components. We do what it takes to hold your world together, no matter how complicated the task.

We support our inventory and experience with industry-leading customer service and programs. We ensure quality, timely, and reliable delivery, and offer Customer and Vendor Managed Inventory Programs for maximum customization in ordering and stocking service.

To learn more about our self-clinching fasteners or to inquire about our custom programs, contact the team today.