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The Perfect Parts

Varying in aesthetics and ergonomics, handles attach to applications to help users manually exert force and maximize tool efficiency. Handles, while ranging in size, shape, and construction material, must all fit three basic criteria: they need to be strong enough to support to object, long enough to provide sufficient leverage, and have a small enough circumference to enable a solid manual grip.

AFI Trusted Partner: Dirak

An international leader in latch, hinge, and fitting solutions, Dirak is a trusted partner of AFI. With a history of advanced research and development, as well as a number of patents, Dirak provides our customers with 45 of the highest quality handle components.

AFI Trusted Partner: Southco

Southco has been a global engineering hardware innovator for over 100 years, maintaining a strong emphasis on the importance of technical expertise and advancement. AFI proudly distributes over 4,000 trusted Southco fastening solutions among our diverse product offerings.

AFI Trusted Partner: Carey Manufacturing

Our partner Carey Manufacturing has supplied latches and handles in both metric and American dimensions across a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, computer, telecom, and consumer for over 30 years. AFI is pleased to offer our customers a selection of over 40 of Carey’s most advanced handles on the market.

AFI Trusted Partner: Handles Unlimited

With over 60 years of industry expertise, as well as certifications including ISO 9001, Handles Unlimited provides AFI customers with over 25 standard and custom handles, knobs, and pulls. All Handles Unlimited products, which are manufactured in the United States, are available in a variety of materials and finishes.

AFI Trusted Partner: Lyn-Tron

Lyn-Tron, Inc. has been a leader in electronic and connector hardware such as standoffs and spacers for 70 years. A trusted supplier of AFI, Lyn-Tron provides our customers with high quality handle solutions at fair prices.

AFI Trusted Partner: Unicorp

Since 1971, Unicorp has manufactured self-clinching fasteners, NAS/MS hardware, electronic hardware, and 24 different handles, many of which AFI proudly distributes to our customers. Unicorp manufactures components to precise specification while maintaining quick lead times and offering worldwide shipping.

AFI Trusted Partner: RAF Electronic Hardware

RAF Electronic Hardware is a nationally leading manufacturer in CNC precision turned components, including almost 50 metric and SAE handles they offer our customers. With hardware components in applications across the medical, entertainment, telecommunications, and military industries, RAF is a trusted partner of AFI.

Handles and More at AFI

For more than 30 years, AFI has been providing the best global fastener solutions to hold our customers’ world together. We’re proud to offer thousands of high quality handles among our online fastener offering, as well as specialized Customer and Vendor Managed Inventory Systems, ensuring you have the right parts, at the right price.

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