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Developed to provide key insulation, environmental protection, and abrasion resistance for wires and small parts, heat-shrink tubing is among the specialty offerings Assembly Fastener Inc. (AFI) carries specifically for electrical fastening solutions. Our catalogue includes nearly 300 varieties of this particular style of fastener in a multitude of sizes and materials.

Heat Shrink Tubing

Commonly called heat shrink, electrical engineers rely on this malleable specialty tubing to enclose wire conductors, joints, connections, terminals, and system repairs. It can be used to custom bundle or protect wires, create seals for cable entries, and provide insulating solutions for specialized operating environments.

AFI Trusted Brands

At AFI, we’re pleased to offer a full range of heat shrink solutions from two of the most trusted electronics, tubing, and identification product manufacturers available.

  • Dunbar: Founded in 1986, Dunbar is a Tier 1 Mil-Spec Heat Shrinkable Tubing Supplier, offering a full line of both heat shrinkable and non-shrinkable products including neoprene, diesel resistant, fluoroelastomers, and more. The company prides itself on high value and high performance products.
  • Panduit: From Panduit Wiring Duct in 1955, Panduit has grown to offer a full line of thousands of innovative products to support cable systems and solve electrical and network infrastructure problems worldwide. Panduit is known for both unmatched quality and technological leadership in data center, enterprise, and industrial environments.

Heat Shrink Tubing and More at AFI

For over 30 years, AFI has offered fasteners to electronics industries ranging from mechanical solutions to heat shrink tubing. The team is committed to serving the global marketplace with exceptional products supported by dedicated customer service and innovative operations, such as our Vendor Managed Inventory Program.

With deep knowledge and over a century of collective experience, we can answer any questions you have about heat shrink and specialty wire fastening solutions. Contact us today; we’ll do what it takes to hold your world together.