At AFI, we’re proud to partner with only the best in the industry, which is why we carry Stanley’s Heli-Coil inserts. The original wire thread insert for soft metal materials, these products are renowned for their durability and versatility.

STANLEY ENGINEERED FASTENING’S HELI-COIL INSERTS.jpgHeli-Coil components provide light metals with a steel-like thread performance; materials such as aluminum can be supplemented with Heli-Coil to allow for optimal weight without sacrificing fastener-thread strength.

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Specialty Screw-Threaded Inserts                                   

Since being introduced in the 1930s, the Heli-Coil product line has evolved to include both tanged and Tangless® free-running and screw-locking wire insert systems.

Because these inserts allow for the use of smaller bosses and flanges than other any insert, they greatly minimize space and keep weight down. Extremely versatile, they can usually be incorporated into existing designs. Heli-Coil inserts also have low installation costs and allow for flexibility of parent materials, making them as cost-efficient as they are effective.

These threaded insert systems create strong fastening support in situations where standard attachments are not an option, or where standard attachments need to repaired or converted. Heli-Coil offers low or no thread wear, corrosion resistance, and design flexibility for both simple and complex fastening applications.

Heli-Coil inserts are available both tanged and Tangless®, in inch and metric measurements. Available products include:

  • Free-running (or standard) inserts — These provide a smooth, free-running thread.
  • Screw-locking inserts — These inserts create self-locking torque on male member components by a series of precision-rolled molded “chords.”

Custom Installation Tools

Heli-Coil also offers a full line of manual, electronic, and pneumatic tooling to support their inserts, including STI taps, gauges, and tang break-off tools.

Available in various kits and styles, tanged power installation tools from Heli-Coil are offered in both inch and metric measurements to support rapid insert installation needs.

  • Electronic power installation tools — These tools feature a slender, easy-reach configuration and allow for quiet, low-impact operations.
  • Pneumatic power tool installation kits — All necessary tools are packed into a portable molded box with easy-to-follow operating instructions.
  • Cordless electronic tools — These tools allow for complete battery-powered operations.
  • Power tool holders — Holders allow for bench mounting to ensure accurate vertical installations.
  • Heli-Coil tang break-off tools — These break-off tools are automatic, allowing for sharp, uniform blows and can be operated with one hand.
  • Heli-Coil extracting tools — These extracting tools allow for low-effort manual insert removal.

Trusted Partners at AFI

With over 30 years of fastener experience, the AFI team is proud to work with Stanley, an industry leader, reliable partner, and expert manufacturer. Their durable Heli-Coil inserts and tools are just a few of the many solutions offered in our diverse component catalog.

At AFI, our high-quality products are supported by reliable, timely worldwide delivery, industry-leading customer service, and specialized inventory management programs. To learn more about our fastening solutions and how they can help you with your next project, reach out to us today.