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The Assembly Fasteners, Inc. (AFI) team has specialized in providing ideal fastener solutions for over 30 years; we have developed a deep knowledge in fasteners for custom specifications. With over 10,000 military grade hardware components in stock, we can help you find the fastener to get the job done.

AN, MS, NAS, and Mil-Spec Series Fasteners

AN, or “Army-Navy” bolts, refer to the heavy duty grade demanded by the United States Military. AFI stocks over 500 products to the AN standard, including aircraft bolts, inserts, helicoils, hex nuts, and more.

Typically, an AN bolt or fastener requires cadmium plating to provide superior resistance to corrosion. Cadmium allows these bolts to outperform a standard commercial grade equivalent, which usually offers a zinc plating.

Threads for Army-Navy (AN) bolts are manufactured using a pressing process, as opposed to the typical cutting method, which helps to maintain superior strength throughout the entirety of the component. Often, the head of an AN bolt is also enhanced to offer load bearing capabilities, cutting the impacts of non-uniform stresses and the possibility of unnecessary fatigue.

The AN standard is the predecessor to MS, NAS, and Mil-Spec requirements for top performance. Today’s MS, or Military Specification, and NAS, the National Aerospace Standard, as well as Mil-Spec hardware classes, are among our highest performing offerings at AFI.

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As fastener specialists serving a vast array of industries, the AFI team is proud to provide superior solutions, specification-ready hardware, and reliable world-wide delivery services.

Top suppliers, an innovative Vendor Managed Inventory Program, and dedicated customer service are all part of how AFI helps to hold your world together. Contact us today to find the perfect fasteners to meet your custom specifications and high performance needs.