PC Board Hardware 

The Perfect Parts 

Today’s printed circuit boards (PCBs) are increasingly powerful — and essential — to industries of all kinds. The effective support, spacing, locking, and guiding components of these boards are critical to successful operations in electronics, computing, and more.

The AFI Team stocks all types of circuit support hardware from clips, clamps, screws, spacers, nuts, bushings, and all varieties of specialty fasteners to fit any PC board requirements.

PC Board Hardware 

The complex, sophisticated processes of printed circuit boards both mechanically support and electrically connect the essential systems of countless machines, computers, and pieces of professional equipment. Common applications include:

  • GPS, radio, and smart display systems in the automotive industry
  • Microwaves, ovens, and restaurant industry equipment
  • Washing machines and home appliances
  • AV and specialty sound equipment
  • Alarm, scanning, and security systems
  • Computers and computerized operating systems
  • Signal amplifiers and telecommunication devices

AFI Trusted Brands  

The AFI team proudly stocks PC board hardware from several of today’s most trusted and innovative companies.

  • Micro Plastics: The catalog from Micro Plastics features more than 10,000 fasteners — nuts, screws, washers, hole plugs, spacers, and of course, specialty circuit board hardware. Micro Plastics focuses on manufacturing with Nylon 6/6, known for its toughness and corrosion resistance.
  • All Electronics Hardware:: The team at All Electronics Hardware takes pride in both providing exceptional response and service and doing whatever it takes to satisfy the diversity of electronics product needs. They produce high quality plastic hardware, tools, and accessories not only for PCBs, but for the electronics and electrical industries, as well.
  • Richco:: With a dedication to high quality and top innovation, Richco has specialized in electronic hardware solutions, telecom components, cable management, industrial applications, and specialty components since 1954. Expect both quality design and competitive pricing from this manufacturer.

PC Board Hardware and More at AFI 

For over 30 years, AFI has offered highly specialized PC board hardware and fasteners as part of a vast catalogue, serving every need from the most intricate projects to the heaviest duty applications. The team is committed to serving the global marketplace with top products, innovative programs (including the Vendor Managed Inventory Program), and dedicated customer service.

Our team is ready to answer any PC board hardware question you may have — contact them today to learn more about our fasteners, and to see how we can help hold your world together.