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Power cords are critical electrical components that join applications to a power source; this is typically achieved through a receptacle, more commonly called a wall socket. Also known by many other names such as power cable, mains lead, line cord, and lamp cord, power cords consist of a synthetic outer casing to protect users from electrical shock, while exposing a metal pin to connect to the intricate series of wires and connection points within the receptacle.

At AFI, we recognize that power cords and receptacles are important components for a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and household appliances that people use every day. As such, we are proud to offer our customers the highest quality power cable selection available.

AFI Trusted Partner: Webber Electronics

An ISO certified supplier and trusted partner of AFI, Webber Electronics Power Cords and Cordsets supplies standard and custom power cords for both the national and global markets, including many Fortune 500 companies. AFI proudly distributes Webber Electronics power cables and receptacles to guarantee our customers are working with the best equipment available.

Power Cords, Receptacles and More at AFI

AFI has been distributing a wide range of fastening solutions, including power cords and receptacles, for more than 30 years.

In addition to stocking an unparalleled inventory offering, we support all our products with a commitment to “Excellence through Quality.” Our team prides itself on achieving the highest quality service, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction with every order.

We also specialize in Customer and Vendor Managed Inventory systems to streamline our customers’ supply chains and manufacturing processes. To learn more about these customizable programs or our selection of power cords and receptacles, contact AFI today.