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Available for All Industries

At AFI, our experienced team understands the importance of choosing the right fastener to secure your application. As such, we proudly offer a vast selection of over 20,000 EAS latches, hinges, handles, and ¼ turn fasteners to help each customer find a precise match for their project.

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EAS Latches

Electronic Access Solution (EAS) latches have gained popularity as safer alternatives to traditional locks. The electromechanical locking function and remote monitoring system create output data in the form of “signatures” with each access attempt, enhancing security and overall control of the system. In the event of power failure, users can also manually override the EAS latch to gain access.


Consisting of many different application-specific variations, hinges connect two objects onto a single, fixed axis. Dating back to medieval times, these mechanical bearings are directly mounted to surfaces to allow energy transfer between components and to lessen the impact and stress of bending.


Varying widely by application and ergonomic necessity, handles help users to manipulate objects by hand. AFI offers a range of clamping devices, levers, grips, pulls, brackets, and more to help exert force and maximize a tool’s effectiveness.

¼ Turns

Quarter turn fasteners offer a quick solution to eliminate the need for welding and riveting, allowing users to open and close the fastener with a simple turn. Available in metal and nylon variations, these high strength and vibration resistant components can be flush mounted on either side of a surface, as well as with snap technology. 

AFI Trusted Brand: Kipp, Southco, Sugatsune

AFI is proud to provide our customers with the absolute best products by partnering with trusted industry leaders such as Kipp, Southco, and Sugatsune. With almost 300 years of combined manufacturing experience and numerous patents and quality certifications, our global partners help us to deliver the highest quality fastening components to our customers.

EAS Latches, Hinges, Handles, ¼ Turns and More at AFI

For over 30 years, AFI has helped provide its customers with every solution they need to hold their world together, including our broad range of EAS latches, hinges, handles, and ¼ turn fasteners.

We’re proud to be a global service and solution provider, offering customers unparalleled quality, delivery, and reliability with every one of our components, as well as our Customer and Vendor Managed Inventory Programs.

To learn more about these custom programs or any of our latch, hinge, handle, and fastener solutions, contact the AFI team today.