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Blind Rivets

Specialty Solutions, Worldwide

As a fastener specialist, Assembly Fasteners, Inc. (AFI) stocks hundreds of rivet options, including easily installed POP Rivet, Industrial Rivet and Avdel / Cherry components. Our inventory features over 1,300 blind rivet solutions, including load spreading rivets, soft-set rivets, micro rivets, and more.

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Blind Rivets

Standard rivets provide permanent fastening with a smooth cylindrical shaft binding two surfaces together. The basic structure features a head on one end and a tail on the other; rivet installation upsets or bucks the fastener’s tail, which holds the assembly in place.

In the case of blind rivets, the component is tubular in nature, with a central mandrel for support. To join two parts, the rivet is inserted into a hole and a specialized tool is used to draw the mandrel into the rivet until it snaps off at its pre-engineered break point.

Due to this unique installation, blind rivets are ideal for joints that can only be reached from one side. The unique design means they are non-locking and subject to weakening from vibration, but still provides an ideal solution for limited access joints. They can be particularly useful in sheet-type production situations.

AFI Trusted Brands: Stanley Engineered Fastening

AFI is proud to partner with industry leaders like Stanley Engineered Fastening. Stanley’s POP rivets are easy to install, and meet the needs of many demanding production lines and manufacturing assembly processes around the world.

POP Riveting Systems can be customized to meet all manner of highly specific requirements, from hand tools and power tools to fully automated mass production lines and corresponding systems.

AFI Trusted Brands: Industrial Rivet 

Since 1912, the Industrial Rivet and Fastener Company has been crafting superior, robust products backed by outstanding service. Headquartered for four generations in Brooklyn, NY, their highly specialized rivets come in any head style, length, material, or finish, and are always of the highest quality.

Blind Rivet Solutions and More at AFI

Serving the fastener needs of the global marketplace for over 30 years, the AFI Team is committed to the highest level of customer service, quality products, and doing whatever it takes to hold your world together.

AFI offers a full range of rivet solutions as part of our vast fastener catalogue, all supported with reliable, timely worldwide delivery, and an industry-leading Vendor Managed Inventory Program. To learn more about blind rivets for your next project, contact our knowledgeable staff today.