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Specialty Solutions, Worldwide

The team of specialists at AFI stocks more than just fastener options. Our inventory features countless components to support your operations, including a full range of grommets to provide insulation, structural support, vibration protection, and more. 

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The most essential purpose of grommets is to protect material from which a hole has been cut. The ring or edge stripping of a grommet creates a lining of metal, plastic, rubber, or other high performance material to support a hole in fabric, sheet metal, wood, or other base.

In electrical and wiring applications, grommets can provide critical protection from tearing or abrasion by covering sharp edges in holes that support wires and cables. The grommets offer additional support and weight distribution, allowing for secure threading of necessary wires, no matter the environment.

Specialty grommets are often designed with particular wiring needs in mind, providing needed insulation, support against mechanical vibrations, and accommodation for irregularly cut shapes and sizes.

Grommets can be found everywhere from shower curtains and shoes to telecom switches, dense cable assemblies, and even hydraulic tubing in the medical, transportation, and aircraft industries.

AFI Trusted Brand: HEYCO

AFI builds our deep inventory with the help of industry leaders such as Heyco Products. Heyco offers decades of design and manufacturing experience in electrical components and molded wire protection. A family-owned company since 1926, they promise optimal quality components with the support of the latest design and prototyping technology.

Heyco Products carry a long list of certifications, including RoHS & WEEE compliance, REACH, ISO 9001:2008, DFARS Compliance, and more.

AFI Trusted Brand: Lavelle

A leader in plastics and rubber manufacturing for over 100 years, Lavelle grommets and components can be found everywhere, from food manufacturing equipment to electronics to transportation applications. On-site chemists, exhaustive engineering, and continuous improvement back their innovative products.

AFI Trusted Brand: Richco

Richco is dedicated to high quality and top innovation, specializing in electronic hardware solutions, telecom components, cable management, industrial applications, and more. They’ve been known for quality design and competitive pricing since 1954.

AFI Trusted Brand: Minor Rubber

Minor Rubber: With origins in The Alling Rubber Company, founded in the late 1800’s, Minor Rubber is synonymous with innovative, high quality rubber products. Serving specialty applications such as the U.S. space program, missile fuel cells, and custom electronics, Minor Rubber components are always at the leading edge of the industry — but can still be found offering high performance in standard and domestic products.

Grommet Solutions and More at AFI

The AFI Team has done whatever it takes to hold your world together for over 30 years, from grommets to rivets to adhesives. We’re proud to serve the fastener needs of the global marketplace with quality, timeliness, and reliability.

We are committed to the highest possible level of service for our customers, including industry-leading Vendor Managed and Customer Managed Inventory Programs. Expect top-of-the-line delivery services, a vast catalogue, and knowledgeable staff support every time you order from AFI.

To learn more about grommets for your next project, reach out to our team today.