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3 Foot
430 Series Stainless Steel
Low Carbon Stee
Low Carbon Steel
Install Hole Size Max
.193 in
.256 in
.338 in
.423 in
.490 in
.500 in
.635 in
Install Hole Size Max..256 in
Install Hole Size Min
.189 in
.250 in
.256 in
.332 in
.413 in
.490 in
.500 in
.625 in
Cadmium and yellow hexavalent chromate
Cadmium Plate - .0003” minimum thickness per SAE AMS-QQ-P-416 Class 2, Type II
Passivated and/or tested per ASTM A380
RoHS Compliant Zinc Yellow Plus Lubricant
Zinc and clear hexavalent chromate
Zinc and trivalent yellow chromate
Zinc Clear per ASTM B 633, Fe/Zn 8, Type V
Zinc Yellow Plus Lubricant
.010 - .075 in
.010 - .080 in
.020 - .080 in
.027 - .165 in
.030 - .115 in
.065 - .106 in
.065 - .116 in
.080 - .130 in
.089 - .151 in
.106 - .161 in
.106 - .181 in
.115 - .200 in
.116 - .166 in
.125 - .211 in
.130 - .180 in
.140 - .200 in
.150 - .312 in
.151 - .211 in
.165 - .260 in
.200 - .275 in
.200 - .285 in
.211 - .271 in
.211 - .296 in
.216 - .266 in
.226 - .326 in
.230 - .280 in
.260 - .320 in
.296 - .381 in
0.50 - 3.00 mm
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The Perfect Parts

No matter the challenge, AFI’s team of specialists stocks a solution. With over 1,000 high quality inserts from two of the world’s leading manufacturers in our inventory, you’ll find the perfect fastening solution at AFI — even for high-load and high-torque applications.

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Specialty Inserts

Threaded inserts can provide strong threads and fastening support for materials or situations in which standard threading or attachment can’t be applied. For example, “blind” threaded inserts can create a threaded hole in applications that only allow access from one side.

These specialty components can also repair stripped threaded holes, offer additional support to holes in soft or very thin materials, add molded or cast threads to a material in place of utilizing machining, or convert an existing thread style in a part.

AFI Trusted Brand: Atlas Engineering

The AFI team is proud to partner with the best insert engineers in the world. Our inventory is loaded with a wide variety of inserts from two premium suppliers:

Atlas SpinTite, MaxTite and Plus+Tite Fasteners serve a full range of applications. Atlas specializes in fasteners for blind applications, while the MaxTite line is uniquely designed for especially heavy-duty applications. With strong, reusable threads, these fasteners create superior pullout resistance in thin materials such as sheet metal and plastic, with a pre-bulbed design that requires less installation force.

AFI Trusted Brand: Dodge Inserts

A product of Stanley Engineered Fastening, Dodge Inserts are available in a wide range of specialized models, including self-threading, miniature styles, and Taper Tuff. They suit almost any application in plastics, providing high strength and cost effective performance.

AFI Trusted Brand: Heli-Coil

Another member of the Stanley Engineered Fastening family, Heli-Coil inserts are widely recognized as the original wire thread insert component, setting the bar for incorporating steel-like thread performance into softer materials.

AFI Trusted Brand: Sherex Fastening Solutions

“Engineered for Performance,” the Sherex line of products is crafted to the highest quality standard, with certifications including ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008, TS16949, and AS 9100. Sherex fasteners and components can be found in applications including automotive, defense, agriculture, construction, heavy equipment, and more.

AFI Trusted Brand: AVK

Located in Southern California, AVK Industrial Products features a product line of blind installed threaded inserts and studs. AVK uses state-of-the-art, high-speed, cold forming equipment to produce their products.

Insert Solutions and More at AFI

The AFI Team has over 30 years of fastener experience; we’re no strangers to specialty applications and projects. Inserts are just one style of solution you’ll find in our vast catalogue.

We support our high quality products with reliable, timely delivery worldwide, as well as industry-leading customer service and specialized programs for both Vendor Managed and Customer Managed Inventories. Contact our team today to see how we can help with your insert order. We’ll do whatever it takes to hold your world together.