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Availible for All Industries

As a fastener specialist, AFI stocks hundreds of components — including the tools to install, adjust, and maintain them. Our inventory features specialty tools from five unique manufacturers, including rivet guns, drilling parts and accessories, and more.

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Rivet Guns, Drilling Equipment and Specialty Tools 

Without the right tools, certain fasteners simply won’t perform — and in some cases, can’t even be installed! Several of our high-quality fastening components are specially designed to work with custom tools to make installation and application successful. These include different types of:

  • Rivet Guns, or pneumatic hammers, used to drive and install rivets into a workpiece
  • Drill bits and drilling accessories, designed to cleanly and efficiently create holes and work with concrete, masonry, light gauge metals, and more
  • Bell cranks, crank tools which allow motion and work to be customized through angling components or workpieces
  • Globe valves, which help to regulate flow in pipes via a moveable disk element

AFI Trusted Brands 

Much like our components, the AFI team sources top-of-the-line tools from several of today’s most trusted and innovative companies:

  • Industrial Rivet: Founded in Brooklyn, NY, in 1912, the Industrial Rivet and Fastener Company is still family-owned and operated — and still produces robust, superior rivets, lockbolts, and tools to suit the most sophisticated needs.
  • Qualtool: As high quality fastening tool specialists for over 40 years, Qualtool crafts insert bits, sockets, bit holders, drill adapters, nut-setters, screwdrivers, and more — all from top grade industrial tool steel.
  • POP, Stanley Engineered Fastening: Stanley’s POP riveting systems and tools meet the needs of many demanding production lines and manufacturing assembly processes around the world, and can be developed to meet all manner of highly specific requirements: hand tools, power tools, fully automated mass production lines, and more.
  • Sherex: A global manufacturer serving fastener needs in automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial, and more diverse industries, Sherex combines fasteners, tooling, and automated solutions to deliver a high quality line of products.
  • Pemserter: The Penn Engineering Company, founded in 1942, is the inventor and exclusive manufacturer of PEM fasteners, fastener installation design, and tools. Providing strong, load-bearing threading for even thin metal sheets, the Pemserter line and PEM fasteners serve electronics, computers, and medicine — just to start.

Tools and More at AFI 

Serving the fastener needs of the global marketplace for more than 30 years, the AFI team is committed to offering the highest level of customer service — and that means providing not only the components, but also the tools to get the job done.

The full range of AFI tool solutions is supported with reliable, timely worldwide delivery, and an industry-leading Vendor Managed Inventory Program. We do whatever it takes to hold your world together — contact our team to learn more today.