Quality Assurance at AFI

Dedication to Defect-Free Products at AFI

Since December 1984, AFI has put commitment into practice, delivering the highest quality products and engineering capabilities with value added services, all at a low cost.

AFI_3_Quality.jpgOur team’s rigorous dedication to quality assurance covers every step of our product handling process, from our warehouses to your delivery.

The AFI Advantage: Benefits of In-house Quality Assurance

Our extensive, detailed quality assurance policy is clearly written and widely distributed — in addition to nearly 100 years of combined experience, the AFI staff is trained exhaustively in product management and quality handling practices.

AFI partners with industry leaders for top products. In combination with our careful, efficient processing and customer-driven service, this has earned AFI a worldwide reputation for excellence.

The AFI Quality Assurance Process

These are just examples of what sets AFI Quality Assurance apart from the competition as an industry leading program

  • Detailed procedures for different scenarios.
  • Solutions from start to finish.
  • Multi-step inspections.

Receiving Inspections

With every delivery to an AFI warehouse, our quality assurance team runs a dedicated procedure:

  • All goods, including samples and inventory, are received with a dedicated Purchase Order
  • Every package is opened and quantity is verified
  • Part number, purchase order number, and quantity are all noted on the product container
  • Packing slips are stamped with receipt date, once inspection is complete all paper work is scanned in PO/Lot for traceability
  • Quantity shipped is highlighted on the packing slip for easy reference
  • Any conflicts or inconsistencies are addressed, including damaged packaging, lack of packing slip information, incorrect receipts, incomplete ship information, etc.

Managers, Purchasers, and Our Responsible Team

Our experienced team maintains a system of checks at every step of a product’s handling.

  • Warehouse Managers/Delegates Review bin locations, freight designation sheets, weekly inventory allocations, and production orders/kits that require reworking
  • Purchasing/Delegates Receive notifications regarding rejected material, discrepancies or missing information upon product receipt, following up with the appropriate teams to complete and properly process orders
  • ISO Representative — Monitor freight designation sheets, records, material inspection reports, and necessary forms to ensure order accuracy

Working with AFI

AFI is committed to providing superior products and services to satisfied customers around the world. Our custom quality assurance program supports shipments of top-of-the-line fasteners, latches, electronic component hardware, and motion and access hardware every day.

Our experienced team has worked for over 30 years to do whatever it takes to hold your world together. To learn more about our exceptional service, products, and inventory solutions, reach out to the AFI team today.