AFI Specialty Products: Rivets

The Structural Backbone

Every project has a backbone, a workhorse — that one component or part that makes that project possible. For many projects, in particular for heavily structural jobs with vibration and waterproofing requirements, rivets are that backbone. Our fastener experts at AFI stock nearly 1,500 different rivets for any application.


At their most basic, rivets are smooth, cylindrical rods with a head on one end. Rivets are heated in a furnace and inserted into pre-stamped or pre-drilled holes before a worker uses a pneumatic hammer to flatten the tail end into a second head, often called the buck-tail or shop head. Permanent fasteners, the formation of the shop head allows rivets to support tension loads, but their true strength is in their support of shear loads.

Of course, standard products are not always sufficient for every type of job. As new manufacturing methods are developed and advanced projects require new fastening solutions, the range of rivets expands as well.

Tubular and semi-tubular rivets were developed to reduce the force needed to form the shop head, thus expediting the process. Blind rivets, which include a wide assortment of variations, were designed for use in situations where only one side of a workpiece is available.

AFI Trust Brand: Avdel

In order to provide our customers with the best in the fastener industry, AFI sources from only the best. Avdel, founded in England in 1936 as Aviation Developments by Stanley Johnson, has been at the forefront of rivet technology for more than 75 years.

AFI stocks a number of high quality Avdel rivets, including grip rivets, strip rivets, and countersunk rivets, as well as their Chobert®, Rivscrew®, and Avex® rivets.

AFI Trusted Brand: POP® Rivets

A Stanley Engineered Fastening brand, POP® Rivets are a line of high quality bland rivets and riveting systems. They are a variety of mandrel rivets — the rivets are hollow and through them run a mandrel which, when drawn through the rivet by a specialized tool, forces the tail to mushroom out into a shop head, locking it in place.

Rivets from AFI

At AFI, we are proud of our history of providing manufacturers with the highest quality rivets on the market since 1984. With large stocks of a wide array of rivets from the most trusted names in the industry, you can trust AFI to help hold your world together.

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