Safety Products at afi

Safety Always Comes First

Worker safety is the number one priority of manufacturers and manufacturing facilities everywhere.

To help support your safety goals, the AFI team stocks a range of safety products in addition to our vast selection of fasteners.

PPE Safety Products

Manufacturing can be dangerous — that’s a fact. While great strides have been made in designing equipment with user safety in mind and advancing accident prevention training, personal protective equipment (PPE) is still often required to ensure employee safety. The PPE safety products that AFI offers cover every major category of protection.

Eye Protection

By their nature, eyes are a very exposed yet delicate body part. The list of eye hazards is long and includes everything from dust and dirt to wood splinters and chips, and from metal shrapnel to chemical splashes. The most efficient and effective way to protect your employees’ eyes is to provide high quality protective safety glasses and require that all workers wear them when on the job. AFI stocks 10 different types of safety glasses from Pyramex.

Hand Protection

Hand protection, just as important as eye protection, falls into two general categories: chemical, for protection against oils, greases, and other potentially harmful chemicals; and physical, to protect against objects that are rough, sharp, hot, and so on. To cover all of your hand protection needs, AFI sources over 175 different varieties of protective gloves from Ammex, including their GlovePlus and Gloveworks lines.

Hearing Protection

Tools, machinery, and manufacturing processes can all be very loud. Certain processes — those that use equipment that do not take up a great deal of space — can be designed within sound-dampening enclosures, but this is not an option for many of the larger, louder processes.

Constant long-term exposure to high decibel levels of sound can lead to tinnitus, hearing loss, and other problems. To eliminate the danger, always provide your staff with quality ear protection, such as the disposable earplugs AFI sources from Pyramex.

Safety Solutions at AFI

At AFI, we believe in safety. To ensure that your projects and products are safe for use, we have sourced nothing but the highest quality fasteners from the most reputable manufacturers for more than 30 years. To ensure that your staff is safe, we source the highest quality PPE safety products available.

Not only do we hold your world together, but we help to keep it safe, as well.