AFI Specialty Products: Stanley Dodge Inserts

Threaded inserts are designed to provide strong, expertly engineered fastening support in materials and situations where standard attachment or threads won’t suffice. For over 40 years, the Stanley Engineered Fastening brand has worked to design revolutionary inserts, compression limiters, and tools to support these systems.

imgres.pngDodge Threaded Inserts

Emanating from the Stanley brand, Dodge inserts have been built on years of experience in dozens of industries. Offering metallic thread performance in otherwise plastic parts, the inserts can be post-mold assembled or insert-molded in a range of types and styles.

  • Dodge inserts suit virtually any plastic insert application, transforming a wide variety of parts
  • Threaded inserts can repair stripped threaded holes, offer additional support between metallic and plastic components, add threads without machining, and convert thread styles
  • As an economic advantage, Dodge inserts retain all of the cost efficiency of insert installation after molding

Compression Limiters

The tightening load of a bolt or screw can sometimes overwhelm a substrate, causing compression, cracking, or other damage. Dodge compression limiters are designed to protect plastic components and keep cracks out of your next project.

  • With flexible installation options, the components can be pressed or installed through heat or ultrasonic processes
  • Custom-designed for your application
  • Crafted with the specific intention of eliminating stress and damage from bold load

Installation Tools and Equipment

Dodge’s dedication to high strength and cost effective performance doesn’t stop at components. Available as hand-powered or semi-automatic tools, these pieces can be outfitted for both manual and powered presses.

  • Designed to work with expansion and self-threading inserts
  • Heat installation tools can be used to work with inserts in thermoplastic materials
  • Ultrasonic installation tools, ideal for the largest insert applications, permanently lock components into place by using vibration-generated heat for complete molding

Stanley Dodge at AFI

The Assembly Fasteners, Inc. team partners with the best insert engineers in the world. With over 30 years of fastener experience, we’re familiar with specialty applications industry-wide. Stanley Engineered Fastening brings high strength, innovative solutions to projects around the world, and we’re proud to feature their components in our catalog.

Interested in Dodge inserts for your next project? Contact our team today or check out our FAQ if you have additional questions!

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