AFI Specialty Products: Strain Relief Bushings, Hole Plugs, and Cord Grips

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At AFI, our team of specialists offers more than just fastener components. With a vast inventory assembled to support all manner of parts needs, we’re pleased to offer a full range of strain relief solutions, bushings, hole plugs, and cord grip components for optimal cable management.

Strain Relief Bushings, Hole Plugs, and Cord Grips

Proper management of cables and wires can make the difference in a project’s success or failure. With support and fastening components, cable systems operate more safely, reliably, and securely regardless of their environment, from medicine to industrial systems to specialty electronics.

Cable strain relief bushings, grips, and plugs offer mechanical protection to wires, conduits, electrical cables, pneumatic hoses, and other flexible components that may have to endure mechanical stresses between a line and connection port.

Strain relief bushings and grommets provide a cushioned or secure hold for cables running through holes, and can be designed to insulate, protect, and anchor the flexible components, while cord grips attach to the wire itself.

AFI Trusted Brand

By partnering with industry leaders like Heyco Products, AFI offers a vast inventory with over 4,000 strain relief and cable support solutions. Heyco’s decades of design and manufacturing experience support electrical components and molded wire protection solutions of all kinds.

By dedicating their production to the latest design and prototyping technology, Heyco has crafted optimal quality components since 1926. The company carries a long list of certifications, including RoHS & WEEE compliance, REACH, ISO 9001:2008, DFARS Compliance, and more.

Stress Relief Bushings, Hole Plugs, Cord Grip Solutions and More at AFI

For over 30 years, the AFI Team has done whatever it takes to hold your world together. We serve the specialty fastener needs of the global marketplace with quality, timeliness, and reliability, and we’re proud of both our top quality products and industry-leading service.

Our team is committed to offering the best programs in the business, including Vendor Managed and Customer Managed Inventory. Expect the best not only from the programs, but also from our delivery services, selection, products, and knowledgeable staff with every order.

To learn more about stress relief and cable management solutions for your next project, contact the AFI team today.

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