Specialty Solutions, Worldwide 

Whether a temporary, portable, or permanent electrical joint, terminals and the components that hold them together are key to maintaining networks and connections in a wide range of industries.   From clamp ties to splices, the AFI team stocks nearly 300 fasteners and components to fit your next terminal project. 


Broadly speaking, terminals provide the critical point of connection between a conductor and external circuits. This may be part of an electrical component, a particular device, or an entire network. In some cases, a terminal is simply the end of a wire; in others, it’s fitted with specialty connectors and fasteners.

Terminals are critical in electrical and general manufacturing, and can also be found in the following industries:

  • Appliances
  • Medicine
  • Automotive
  • Communications
  • Construction
  • Aerospace and aviation

AFI Trusted Brands 

The terminals at AFI are proudly sourced from several of today’s most trusted and innovative companies:

  • Panduit:: Since 1955, Panduit has crafted, designed, and provided innovative solutions for electrical and network infrastructure. Problem-solving products are their specialty, particularly in data center, enterprise, and industrial environments.
  • All Electronics Hardware:: Producers of high quality plastic hardware, tools, and accessories for the fastener, electronics, electrical, and OEM industries for over 50 years, All Electronics Hardware does whatever it takes to satisfy the diversity of electronics and specialty product needs.
  • Thomas and Betts: The team at Thomas and Betts prides themselves on a single mission: “Bringing the Power of Electricity into Your Life.” From boxes to fittings to wiring ducts to insulation to specialty fasteners and connectors, Thomas and Betts is a dedicated, global leader.

Terminals and More at AFI 

The AFI team has been committed to serving the global marketplace for over 30 years. Along with our wide range of terminals, the team stocks a deep inventory of specialized hardware and fasteners to suit the needs of any industry.

With innovative programs such as the Vendor Managed Inventory Program, AFI is dedicated to offering both top quality products and the best customer service available. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help hold your world together.