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Automated Vending Manager (AVM) Combo Coil-Locker Unit

With our plug and play inventory control software an intuitive touch screen interface, our helix-coil and locker units can be set up anywhere with a cell-phone signal, wifi or hard-line internet connection. Our system goes from out of the box to up and running in hours.

    Customers will benefit from:
  • Reduced consumption by 20% +
  • Save valuable time with point of use dispensing.
  • Streamline purchasing.
  • Recieve detailed reporting of usage and spending.
  • Have 24/7 secure access without additional staff.


Lockers eliminate human error from stock control and create usage-based environment that can reduce waste and increase productivity. Our industrial lockers allow companies to stock what they need when they need it, and in the location they need it providing transparency on all levels utilizing a reporting system capable of automatic user defined critical inventory escalation alerts.

    Inventory Control Features:
  • Security for 16, 18 or 24 Items
  • Robust Security Features
  • Adjustable Capacity Configurations
  • Cloud-based Software Technology
  • Inventory Critical Stock Alerts
  • IoT Inventory Gateway Integrations
  • Enhanced Product Visibility
  • Cost Efficient Storage Control
  • Brand Management

Clear Front Lockers

The Clear Front Locker provides an economic inventory access solution for low cost, ideal for bulky or heavy items or as a buffer stock location. Each locker consists of three vertical stacks, each of which can be configured with 3, 6, or 9 electronically controlled clear front cupboards.

    Product Specification:
  • Management of large and bulky items
  • Standalone option
  • Enhanced visibility with clear front locker
  • Multiple products/SKUs per locker

Helix Coil Vending Machine

With our integrated plug-and-play inventory control software and intuitive touch screen interface, our helix-coil units can be set up anywhere with a cell-phone signal, wifi or hard-line Internet connection. Our system goes from out of the box to running in hours, not days.

    Extra Features:
  • Refrigerated Upon Request
  • Mini Coils are Available
  • Streamline Purchase
  • Have 24/7 Secure Access Without Additional Staff